"We’ve been students of Marc for over 7 years now and in all that time his never ending patience, love and enthusiasm for authentic Chen Style Taijiquan has never faltered.

Over this time, we have had the opportunity to attend a few seminars around the country with various other teachers. Attending with an open mind and the intention to see how we compared with similar students.

We are always delighted to see how well Marc has taught us.

He is extremely generous with his teaching and willing to impart his experiences and knowledge of the inner depths of Taiji for those students wishing to dig further than just scraping the surface.

If you are contemplating this wonderful and absorbing form of Taijiquan for health, fitness or for martial interest, make 2018 ‘The Year of the Dog’’, the year in which to do it."

Di and Paul H


"Thanks a lot Marc. The honour was mine to have you as teacher. The skills I gained were only the reflection of what you have been giving to the class, and to me. What I have learned, understood, gained is priceless. I remember the first classes where I was just curious of what Tai Chi was, not knowing exactly what I wanted or looking for. And it was fine for you, you gave me a chance and the time to find out my way. I was amazed by your passion about martial art and Tai Chi, by your knowledge and expertise, and by your modesty. There is patience in everything you explain, everything you show. Always questioning yourself and ask for our feedback to improve your way of teaching. Always careful that everybody gets what they need. You've never tried to push people beyond what they can do, unless they've been asking for it :) This helped build self confidence and respect :)
I always had trouble with discipline, and yet I didn't have to think about it in this class, it was so obvious to me I have to come to the classes, not for duty, but for the pleasure and satisfaction of learning this amazing art that is Tai Chi.
You have managed to create a perfect environment in the Academy for learning Tai Chi. I wish everybody could see it :) It is heartbreaking for me to leave, and I will keep on going on this path. You've showed me the way, it is up to me now to continue this journey, taking with me all your advice, encouragement and teaching.
So thank you or everything, for your friendship. I wish you the very best and all the success that you and the Academy deserve."
Sybille A. - moving abroad.

"Last year I started classes with Chen Zhaokui Taijiquan Association as a complete beginner. I learned so much but I now realize that I will always be a beginner – there is always so much more to learn through Tai chi – about this amazing martial art and about yourself. Through Tai chi I began to recognize things about myself and begin to develop an enlightening new perspective on life. The group helped me through a difficult time and, more than that, managed to give me happiness despite difficult things going on in life.  I left each class feeling calm and energized – no matter what had happened in the day beforehand!


Marc is a very patient and incredibly knowledgeable teacher and makes sure that everyone is catered for. The classes allow each individual to work at their own pace and level of challenge. He knows exactly how to explain things and always willing to look for many different ways so everyone understands.


I was extremely sorry to leave the class when I left Bournemouth, but I will always carry what I've learned there with me.

Thank you ever so much! Love and miss you all guys xx"

Sona Z. - moving abroad


"The Chen Taijiquan Academy you are running is an extraordinary space and place for people from all ways of life who are interested in this amazing art. When we met the first time at the academy I instantly felt to be at the right place.  I always loved to be a part of the Academy and the community you created through the mutual learning. I will miss the cheery companionship of the “Gongfu Brothers and Sisters” as well as the Sunday sessions. Through your teaching from your deep knowledge, insights and understanding of Chen Tai Chi and Martial Arts I have learned a lot, and I definitely will continue this path – always be willing to wear the white belt ;-)
For everyone who’s interested in Chen Tai Chi I highly recommend the Chen Zhaokui Taijiquan Association UK and its outstanding teacher Marc Ditcher…
Again thank you for the wonderful Tai Chi time! All the best for your future, and I’m quite sure we’ll see each other again one day!
With deep gratitude

Thorsten K - moving abroad


"I began training with Marc in 2008 primarily because of a back injury and thought it would be a gentle form of exercise to strengthen my core. However after a few weeks of classes I realised there was so much more to be gained from Taiji. Marc's patient and expert tuition coupled with his enthusiasm for the art has led me further on the Taiji path than I ever thought I would go. What I initially thought was just some gentle exercise has developed into a real desire to learn and push myself to develop the skills that Marc is teaching.

The academy has become a great place for those wishing to further their Taiji with regular workshops and seminars, open training on arranged Sunday's and private tuition. Marc is always on hand to answer any questions and make corrections as needed. The classes are relaxed and friendly and the opportunities are there to learn not just hand forms but also sword forms and push hands, which lead into developing martial skills. I have trained push hands with Marc for a few years now on and off and in this limited time have begun to develop the martial aspect of Taiji which also helps progress the understanding of the forms. Marc's patient and relaxed style of teaching has helped me to break through barriers that I had put in the way of my learning and his knowledge of Taiji philosophy that he willingly imparts has not only helped in my Taiji practice but also in my personal life. I would recommend the academy to anyone interested in learning Taiji."

Nigel S


"Marc is a real expert in the art of Tai Chi and has a talent for teaching. I learnt more from him in 2 years than I ever did from 7 years of previous Tai Chi teachers."     Mike L


"I've been attending the academy for about 4 years and in that time I feel my ability has improved a great deal. Marc's high level teaching and demonstrations of tai chi are professional, clear and precise. I strongly recommend the one-on-one lessons, to me they have been very beneficial in learning about correct posture (something I've struggled with for years) and advancing in the forms & fighting applications. The academy has a warm friendly atmosphere and is very enjoyable to be part of."     Andy B