Instructor Marc Ditcher

Marc is a practitioner, teacher and 21st generation lineage holder in Chen Family Taijiquan.  He preserves and develops the gongfu system of Chen Yu and his father Chen Zhaokui (Son of Chen Fa-ke) via the teachings of his most senior western disciple, Marin Spivack. 

Marc began training in martial arts at age 15 (early 1996) in the 'Wing Chun' style of Kung Fu / Gongfu. He trained this style for 8 years, achieving a '2nd degree black sash' grading in that particular school (coloured belt grades are not traditional in Chinese martial arts). However, in 1998, two and a half years into this training, Marc also began studying Taijiquan, after having seen the martial prowess of teacher Li Xuelong during a series of workshops.


Over that period, he developed a real appreciation and passion for the depths of the art and philosophy of Taijiquan and so decided to focus his attention exclusively on it, and has now been practising Taijiquan for 22 years. 


In June 2019, after much practice and effort, Marc was formally accepted as "tudi" (apprentice / indoor student) by Marin Spivack to develop the complete unabridged system and continue the Chen Zhaokui lineage for future generations. This is an honour that holds great significance in gongfu culture and important responsibility.


Marc is passionate about sharing Chen Style Taijiquan with his students and has an informal and patient approach to teaching.

Marc's teachers

Marin Spivack

Marin Spivack ( is the 20th generation senior western disciple of Chen Yu - son of Chen Zhaokui, who was well known for passing on martial application of the arts forms to the famous 19th generation of Chen Villages Taijiquan practitioners (Chen Zhenglei, Chen Xiaowang, Wang Xi'an, Zhu Tiancai etc) but also (somewhat more thoroughly) to a generation of students in Beijing, as well as many others.
Marin is a high level, extremely skilled exponent of this line and an expert representative of Chen Yu's Taiji 'Gongfu' frame. His system is not 'easy Tai Chi for health', it is traditional internal gongfu (kung fu), for developing the fighting abilities and deep skill Chen Taijiquan was famous for before the modern introduction of revenue generating sports methods and watered-down simplified versions of the forms, but also brings a deep benefit to health and the pursuit of meditation practice..

Click here for an audio podcast of an interview with Marin: Marin Spivack Interview Podcast 2014

Liu Yong

Liu Yong was born in 1966 and currently lives in Baoting, Hainan, South China, running the International Tai Chi Health Centre near the beautiful Qi Xian Mountain.
He is a senior indoor student of Chen Zhenglei and is an official 20th generation inheritor of Chen style Taijiquan, with nearly 30 years training in the style.

Liu Yong is known for his impressive power but also his kind-hearted nature. He is an expert professional Taiji coach and is a pleasure to learn from.

Marc followed Liu Yong's training methods for 12 years, training under his close guidance in both China and the UK.

Li Xuelong

Li Xuelong of Southampton School of Tai Chi, a student of Tuo Musi (who learned Chen Taijiquan in Beijing from Chen Zhaokui).
Xuelong's skill level in real functional Taijiquan is extremely form, push hands and fighting ability one will seldom see anyone in this country at his level. Yet he is so humble that he barely promotes his own school so is relatively unknown.
However, self promotion is unnecessary as he has so many students wanting to train privately with him (through word of mouth) that he is always booked up every day with private tuition.

After having trained in Taijiquan with one of Xuelong's students for 3 years, Marc began training with Xuelong in 2001; studying form, freestyle push hands and Taiji sanshou.

Dave Friskney (pictured here with Ip Chun)

Dave Friskney of Southampton, began his martial arts career with Wado Ryu Karate in 1975 under Sensei Henry Reeves, but achieved his black belt grading at age 20 under famous teacher Sensei Tatsuo Suzuki.
During the 80's he studied the southern Chinese 'Wing Chun' style of gongfu (kung fu) under Ip Chun's (Ip Man's son) UK based student Samuel Kwok. He devoted himself to this style for many years and taught in many cities / towns in England, eventually releasing self defence instructional videos. He also worked on the doors of many Southampton nightclubs.
In the early 90's Dave began studying Taijiquan under Li Xuelong, and eventually taught classes on the Yang style. Dave also studied some Chen style Taijiquan and used the practice to not only develop martial art skills but also help manage his rheumatoid arthritis condition.
Without a doubt, he inspired Marc to study martial arts as a lifelong pursuit.